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Petro-Canada Gift Cards didn’t work – Lots of Hassle

Wanted to share my poor experience with Save-on-food and Petro-Canada Gift Cards. The Cards have problem I can’t use them. If your petro-canada gift cards are not working, please read on.

Jan 18 2020 – Day 0 – Save-On-Food, Bought Petro-Canada Gift Cards

I bought 4 Petro-Canada Gift Cards from Save-On-Food, the one on Market Crossing (Marine Drive). One Card looks like this, which later i found out is a good one.

Petro-Canada Gift Cards
This card worked!

the other 3 Petro-Canada Gift Cards looks like this, which I found that later they have issue, cannot be used.

Petro-Canada Gift Cards
All 3 cards didn’t work…

If you look carefully, the one that works and the ones that doesn’t work they look different, have different design. I think they are different batches.

The fact that 3 Petro-Canada Gift Cards have issue, makes me think that there are still lots of cards out there, from the same batch, have the same issue. But Save-On-Food and Petro-Canada are still selling them.

Jan 23, 2020 – Day 5 – Gas Station

Tried to use my Petro-Canada Gift Cards in a Petro-Canada Gas Station Pump, it gave me card error. Then I went into the store. Cashier tried the card for me. Same Error. He said the card might not be activated or have no balance. He asked me to check with Save-On-Food.

Jan 24, 2020 – Day 6 – Save-On-Food

I explained what to issue was to the customer service guy. (I believe he is the manager there.) The first thing that he said kinda shocked me: “With gift cards like this, once they are purchased you and walk out of the store, Save-on-Food is nothing to do with it anymore, no responsibility.” I was like wow. Then he explained they couldn’t verify if it was actually a card problem or I used the money on the card…

But he looked at my receipt (glad I kept the receipt), confirmed the cards were activated successfully and have balance as it stated on receipt. He asked me to go on to check the balance see if it showed up. Which I did, and it actually showed my card has balance.

Petro-Canada Gift Cards
Petro-Canada Gift Cards

He said he couldn’t help. He did give me suggestion thought.

First, try the cards in another Petro-Canada station. It might be just that one I tried had machine issue

If that still didn’t work, come back and his co-worker who was in charged of gift cards might be able to help.

Jan 25, 2020 – Day 7 – Another Gas Station

Tried all those 3 cards in another Petro Canada Gas Station, same issue. The cashier was nice enough to allow me to take a screenshot of what the error was from their system.

petro canada gift card error
Petro Canada Gift Card Error

Jan 26, 2020 – Day 8 – Save-On-Food

Went back to Save-On-Food, talked to the lady who was in charged of the gift cards.

She called Petro-Canada Customer Service for us. Briefly explained what the situation was to the Rep on the phone. She then passed the phone to me to talk to the Rep directly.

I asked the Rep why all 3 cards didn’t work, but the online tool showed they all have balance. She said it might be bar-code issue, then gave me an email address She asked me to send a photocopy of my receipt, front and back of those 3 cards, send them to the email above.

Basically after the call, I am pretty much on my own in this matter. I would need to resolve this issue with Petro-Canada myself. Save-On-Food said nothing much they could do. (Which I don’t like. It’s like, they sold a defeated product, they should take responsibility for it. They should refund the money to customer first and then work with Petro-Canada, not give this hassle to customer instead.)

After I got home, wrote up an email explained the issue, attached photo copies of receipt and cards as requested to Hope would get reply back soon.

Jan 30, 2020 – Day 12 – Called Petro-Canada Gift Cards Customer Service

A few days passed, no reply from

My wife called Petro-Canada Customer Service. They confirmed they had received my email but no one follows this case yet. They gave my wife a case number, asked us to re-send the receipt picture again, because it is not clear. The Rep said it would take 5-8 days before we would hear back again.

I sent the receipt picture to them again as request. Now it is a waiting game…

Feb 7, 2020 – Day 20 – Got reply from Petro-Canada

Finally, got a call back from Petro-Canada. They asked me if you would like to get 3 replacement cards or credit in my petro point card. For sure, 3 replacement cards is a better choice. They said they would mail out the cards soon.

Feb 13, 2020 – Day 26 – Got replacement cards

Finally got 3 replacement cards in my mail. Haven’t used them yet. Hope they would be trouble-free. I tried one, and it worked! Yay finally!

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